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Thank You!

I sincerely appreciate everyone that has sent in or responded with their knowledge/opinion of what cultural appropriation is. Most everyone had a different idea of what it means and how it applies to fashion, but overall, I am left with a better idea of how to avoid offending anyone with my own personal style. As an artist, I am going to try new things and learning about my heritage has inspired me to learn more about the cultures that I have ties to through my bloodlines. One thing in particular is my Native American heritage. I am understanding that Native American culture varies immensely and I would like to try and figure out specifically what kind of Native American culture my ancestors come from.

As a fashion blogger, I hope that if my outfits cross the thin line of what is and what is not cultural appropriation, that you (my followers) would approach me with kindness and reason. I understand the importance of educating myself on fashions that are symbolic to specific cultures, before wearing them. I also understand that because my skin is white, some people may not like the fact that I delve into the different cultures of my ancestors and express these cultures through my personal style. I feel that even though I may not live and breath the cultures that my ancestors come from, these cultures are still apart of who I am and where I come from, and that is why I feel it is important to learn about them and express them.

I use fashion to open the door way to conversation. When I want to wear things that directly represent the culture of my ancestors, its because I want to open that door way and have conversation about that culture and how I am connected to it.

Much love! Xoxoxo

-Elliott Alexzander

I need help/advice

I am understanding that cultural appropriation is a common thing in fashion and especially in street style. Now, as a fashion blogger and someone who loves to change my style frequently and try new things with my style, the last thing I want to do is offended anyone.

I did some research about my parents and my grand parents and this is what I found. My parents, parents, come from several different cultures. My grandfather on my dads side, his mother was native american and spanish. My grandmother on my dads side, her mother was also native american, and european. Then you have my grandparents on my moms side of the family. My grandmother on my moms side, her dad came from polish and german bloodlines. My grandfather on my moms side, his did came from native american, spanish & italian blood lines.

So, my question is…. Well I have a couple but I think these two need to be answered first.

#1 - Based on the research I have been able to dig up, My parents come from parents who’s parents came from different cultures. So… Where do I stand? Am I apart of all these different cultures? Or, because of this, am I apart of a new kind of culture?

P.s. Please keep negative comments to yourself. I am unfamiliar with cultural appropriation and I am trying to get more educated so please respect that. Thank you.

-Elliott Alexzander

goodness gracious every time i try to go on your blog chrome crashes. i like to think it can't handle how rad you are.

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hahaha that’ is great! Lol. Not great that chrome crashes, but you know what I mean. lol.

Btw, I fixed the problem so for anyone else that is experiencing a crash, you shouldn’t anymore. I had to remove the infinite scroll to keep everything from crashing. 

-Elliott Alexzander


I appreciate all of the good questions and comments flowing in. However, I do not want to clutter my website with a multitude of Q&A post. If you submit a question without being Anon, I will respond privately. Thank you.
-Elliott Alexzander

Hello, I was wondering if your clothing line would be athlete friendly. By "athlete friendly" I mean normal clothing with a little extra room in places that can get rather muscular, like the calves and shoulders etc etc. I love your line so far!

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Wonderful! Yes, of course.

The idea is that when an individual purchases an item, you will be asked for certain measurements which will be used to tailor your item accordingly. Xoxo

-Elliott Alexander

sorry if I'm missing something but your post about how inclusive (within size range) your clothes are supposed to be doesn't make sense. all of the clothes you have are your size and wouldn't fit everybody???

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I haven’t launched my brand yet.

The Closet is like my own personal thrift shop where I sell my own clothes to raise money so that I can launch my own body positive brand. The clothes I have up for sell in my thrift store, yes, are all my size. However, I have added some of my accessories that can fit everyone. I hope that makes better sense for you. Xoxoxo

-Elliott Alexzander

Your tattoo is so beautiful! If you don't mind me asking, what does it mean to you?

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Its actually just Henna.

The idea was inspired by my belly button. A belly button is something everyone has despite what body type they are born with. We all received life through our belly buttons, from our mothers body while in the womb. After birth, our belly buttons just go unnoticed which I found kind of sad because without my belly button, I would have no life. So I used henna to decorate it a bit and draw attention to it. 

Lol, maybe thats kinda crazy but it was just a thought and the henna tattoo is how a responded to that thought. Much love! Xoxo

-Elliott Alexzander

Several new pieces have been added to The Closet! Lots of spring & summer accessories that everyone can wear!

The Closet is another room in the virtual House of Alexzander where you can quite literally buy clothing and accessories right from the wardrobe of Elliott Alexzander. The purpose of this came from an idea to literally sell the clothes off their back and use the funds to launch a project that Elliott believes the world needs. One of the worse feelings is going into a department store and finding clothing that you absolutely love, but won’t buy because the store does not offer specific cuts and sizes for EVERYONE! The idea is to create a brand that offers everyone the opportunity to buy fashionable clothing that actually fits. No matter if you are what society calls “plus size” no matter if you have big feet, no matter if you have a flat chest… We want to create a brand that is for everyone! Clothing is such a basic way for individuals to express themselves and it should be available to everyone, yet the gender variant community is STILL left unrepresented. Not to mention, the degrading terms used by chains and department store like “plus size” or “for men/for women” … NO!!!!
Clothes are clothes, and its the dream of Elliott Alexzander to provide everyone with clothing tailored for every body type, every gender identity… for every human being.

Soon, The House will be launching a kickstarter page so that individuals who do not want to buy clothes/accessories from The Closet, can still donate and be apart of the movement Elliott Alexzander is creating within the gender variant & body positive community through fashion.

To visit the closet follow this link,

Instead of a pronoun I'm going to refer to you as oxygen bc you give me LIFE xxxxxxxx 💕💕💕

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Omg, the whole library is shushing me because I am laughing so loud. 

I love you so much! Xoxoxo

-Elliott Alexzander

Hey! What gender pronouns do you prefer?

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They, them, he, she, him, her, his, ze, hir, per, …. the list goes on.

Everyone has their own opinion of what pronoun fits who. Refer to me with the pronoun that you see fit.

But NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER refer to me as “it” :)


-Elliott Alexzander

will your clothing line include plus sizes?

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But they will not be called “plus size” they will just have a size, like all the rest of my designs. Idk, the term “plus size” kinda singles out a person you know? So, yes I will have a variety of sizes that can fit everyone, that’s the point behind a body positive brand. Xoxo

-Elliott Alexzander

Many of you have been asking about different cuts and sizes for my clothes in the closet. I just wanted to say, I apologize for not offering different sizes. I am literally selling the clothes that you see in my fashion post, to raise money to launch my own brand. Soon I will be adding new things such as some of my jewelry and accessories which of course will fit most anyone. I am sorry that I don’t have my own designs and variable sizes up for sell yet. Remember, The Closet was just created as a way to raise money for the launch of my own gender variant, body positivite brand. Soon I plan to launch another fund raiser that I think many of you will adore!!! So stay tuned, and for now, here is another spring/summer outfit for you all!!! Xoxoxo

-Elliott Alexzander