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Here we go!
Thank you so much to everyone that has submitted to Our Stories. Before, we had the submissions go straight into the houses blog feed, however many of you were hoping to see more gender variant and body positive fashion versus a mix of the two. So, we developed a separate blog for the project! Be sure to check it out or even submit a story of your own. Taking the time to read some of the wonderful submissions we have already received is worth it! Let me know what you think about the design!

If you have already submitted a story DON’T WORRY!
All submission entered before the creation of the separate page have been transferred and are in the queue! Be sure to check back more frequently however, as the queue is set to publish 6-8 stories a day!

Also, with the design we have removed the capabilities to share stories directly to facebook/twitter/google+/pinterest. Reason being was because many of you had stories you wanted to share, but wanted them to remain within the walls of the tumblr universe. Well, we made that happen for you.

Thank you all so much!
The House Of Alexzander Team


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